Which girl is your favorite #6 After School :) ?

After School is a group that was pretty big at one point but has been on hiatus for years now.
The entertainment company that they are with has had money problems so they have not been able to afford a comeback song for the whole group. There is a subunit with only 3 members called Orange Caramel and they have been very successful so the company has only focused on them because they have to pay less people and they are the sure bet at this point. Fans of the group are disapointed however.

1. Jungah
Which girl is your favorite #6 After School  :) ?
2. Uee
3. Raina

4. Nana

5. Lizzy

6. E-young

7. Kaeun

I'll use the 2 videos I have left for Orange Caramel MVs The members are Raina Lizzy and Nana
The MVs of Orange Caramel are often very unique and creative that's one of the reasons they have a lot of fans. The song Catallena has one of the most confusing MVs ever but if you think about it and interpret it, it can have a strong message. There are several interpretations though so the meaning is up to the viewer I guess. I like that MV too but I didn't really like the song a lot so I chose 2 others.

  • 1. Jungah
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  • 2. Uee
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  • 3. Raina
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  • 4. Nana
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  • 5. Lizzy
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  • 6. E-young
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  • 7. Kaeun
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  • Lizzy coz i got to know her in the drama "Angry Mom" that drama is life lol and she's just so lovable funny sweet and a little dorky sometimes... ugh love her


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  • Voted for #1 :)

  • Is it bad they all look alike to me?

    • Lol i was gonna say that

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    • Really? Who knows? Maybe you're just a anonymous troll. 2 of them might look alike but they don't ALL look alike you must be high or something.

    • Ok well sorry MY opinion doesn't agree with YOUR opinion...

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  • jungah and kaeun looks hot

  • 3 6 for sure. Luv the pouty smile. I bet she is an animal in bed. And probably crazy and bitchy any other time. lol

  • 1st one