Which girl is your favorite f (x) :) ?

This is the group that infected me with the Kpop virus :P
This was the song:

1. Amber
Which girl is your favorite f(x) :) ? She's the rapper of the group she's from LA. Korean entertainmnet companies hold auditions in the U. S. Canada and a bunch of other places. She's had the tomboy look since the debut. SHe had to learn Korean at first she was not very good. She's a very genuine, humble and kind but also fun person and that's why she's very beloved by fans. She has done a bunch of solo work and always tries to put a important message to her in some of her songs.
2. Luna

She just released her first solo song here she is singing it live.

3. Krystal

She's like the model :P She does all the magazine photoshoots and product endorsements etc. Of course she sings and dances aswell but her job is also to look good. Plus she has a sister who's even more famous than her (in the second picture) because she was in the most successful girl group in korea for 8 years before she left to start a fashion line and has now also released solo songs.

4. Victoria
She's the oldest and the leader of the group, she's originally from China. She attended the Bejing Dance academy when she was 10(!!) and later joined the group.
There was one more member Sulli the young and cute one but she left the group to focus on acting and I've only done active members with other groups so far so I'll keep it that way I think.

  • 1. Amber
  • 2. Luna
  • 3. Krystal
  • 4. Victoria
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Amber because she's fun the opposite of al the others that are just girly, she's so sweet and funny and the tomboy of the group, she knows English ans she has this nice little YouTube chanel ahah i just love her more than the other members obviously she also makes me question my sexuality coz she's so handsome and sexy ahaha


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dang I don't know the group, now I got to watch it

    • Yes you do :P

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    • Meh exams don't matter haha ;)

What Girls Said 2

  • Krystal 😊

  • i love krystal although she's dating my boy


What Guys Said 4

  • Close between 1 and 4 with Amber getting a slight nod

  • luna looks good

  • Victoria, WOW :D

  • Krystal is definitely more of my type of girl.

    I had to look at the first person twice before finally deciding that it was indeed a girl.

    • eah well I'm not attracted to amber physically either but she's still my favorite member of the group cause she's cool :).

    • Sorry I'm not too familiar with them. The second song you linked, Danger? I did enjoy that one. Krystal's pants were very flashy as well.