How bad is my smile?

How bad is my smile?

I tried putting them in order, from newest to oldest but that didn't work because thw mobile app sucks, anyways these are old the oldest me in high school, the one in the green trench coat, to the newest laat year me in plaid. I dont like how i smile because i feel goofy smiling, i dont know how to smile, never really came up in life aside from moments here and there, do you think my smile is bad? I have one little dimple on my left cheek and a big one on my right thats hidden by my facial hair. Also i already know im overweight, been working on loosing it the last few years

Sorry they are bad quality pictures, can't afford good cameras, now im asking about my smile not looks, these are old photos and the only ones i could find of me smiling in them
As for the giant smile, that was a dsi photo edit one which is why its so big


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  • You have a really nice smile 😊 it makes you look sweet. If you have to be insecure about anything, please don't ever let it be over your happiness.

    • Thank you, but when i do smile it makes me feel goofy and kind of looks creepy in bad lighting lol, never learned how to smile really, had a rough life growing up, yeah there was happy times, but a lot of struggles, from being homeless 3 times, to growing up with tourettes and autism and ocd to tons of car accidents, always the passenger, to my best friend being murdered when i was 10, my other best friend dying of a heart attack when i was 14 to dealing with teachers and people calling me a demon child and monster just because they disnt want to understand tourettes and autism to being forced to write right handed lol which i happily failed. To all kinds of things, since finding God life has gotten much better, all i need now is learn to smile more.

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    • Goofy isn't always a bad thing. It can be quite lovable. You have a sweet smile, keep on showing it

    • Thank you 😊

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  • I think in the first and last one you are most relaxed so you smile is at its most natural. It looks really good in those pics.

    • Thanks, yeah, when i try smiling it feels strained because im not quite sure how to, when i force it, it looks like sheldons on the big bang theory lol