Girls, you never notice me?

Well, it's been a year and a few months from now, when i ended up a messed up relationship with the girl i really thought that she was the one... and since then, i think girls aren't interested in me no longer... well, i stopped going out to nightclubs (even before we started dating), because i dont really wanna be a "Clubhead" or a "Lowlife" who goes to the Club 7 days a week.
But however, what is wrong with me? Or with the girls around here?
I cut my hair Weekly, take care of my skin, i treat my body like a piece of art, i am confident most of the time, i have a beautiful smile (many people told me that), i work, i have projects, i an active and a funny guy but still?
No friend requests on Facebook, no messages, nothing...


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  • You cut your hair weekly? 😮

    Anyways, don't get discouraged. You're still super young and it takes time. Just focus on yourself right now and things will happen naturally. It also sounds like you aren't over the other girl yet and that will definitely get in the way of meeting someone new. Good luck.

    • Yes im actually a MetroSexual, i like to take care of my image a lot, i work in a tattoo shop... I already met like, 2 girls, but they just weren't that interested in me.. well i guess thats life, thanks for your answer!!

    • Thanks for mh.

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  • I'm probably the loneliest girl in the world. The guys I'm really interested in, don't approach. When I approach, they run. Even just friendships, girls are competitive/have issues, and don't want friends. Then I get so desperate for attention I befriend some ugly guy, and he gets infatuated. Smacks forehead*

    Being attractive and outgoing isn't always a recipe for success. Sometimes it just generates a lot of useless attention, or "wow look there goes a hot guy/gal". If you're good looking, and not smiling until your face hurts 100% of the time, they are even more intimidated. In addition, people are becoming socially inept facebook addicts who get tongue-tied at any attempt of real human contact.

    Just hang in there, keep your energy up and approach any girl that looks unapproachable. Guaranteed 90% we're just bored, or unaware of our facial expression. You're smart to avoid clubs. I can give you a bunch of tips on how to start fun convos waiting in line ANYWHERE, or eating at fastfood/restaurants. Waiting in line, ask about stuff in her grocery cart. Starbucks, menu suggestions. At a restaurant ask them what they're eating, wow that looks good, imma have that. Sit nearby. Just ask a bunch of questions related to the environment, avoid talking about appearance, make her laugh, then ask for facebook or something. After you've approached 1,000 girls, only THEN can you assume your situation is hopeless.

    • @talias288
      Girl... Your words spoke to me so deeply Q. Q
      I'm in exactly the same situation right now... From girls not really paying attention to me, to the ugly guys thing.
      Now I'm just scared I seem creepy and desperate when I talk to any girls that I'm just too afraid to open my mouth anymore.
      Lol at least we're not alone in being alone! :P

    • @BlastGrass Wow

  • honestly you will meet lots of girls if you go to clubs a little more

    guys typically pursue and go after girls so you will need to make the first move and you'll see more results.

    • The thing is that i dont want "One night stands" i want a decent traditional girl, wich is Rare nowadays, but still, thanks for your time, i apreciated it!

    • i understand. decent good girls go to clubs too. she will probably not be a club regular, but i promise you not every girl in the club is a hoe.

  • Do you talk to girls? Do you friend request or send messages or are you sitting in front of your computer waiting for it to happen

    • I add girls, unfortunately they never answer...

  • maybe they dont like you because you're metrosexual
    i dont like metrosexuals

    • What, u rather have a hairy stinky werewolf in your bed? Thats your choice =)

    • no, what about someone in between

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