Is it time to quit growing my hair out?

I've been growing my hair out for 15 mo. I just keep getting awful split ends. My hairdresser made me cut it but I could easily cut off 3 moreb least due to damage. Is it time to quit growing my hair out?

Should I just cut it shorter already?

I actually WANT long sexy hair


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  • That's a good length. I think you should keep it there.


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  • The length it's at know id fine by me. Just make add volume maybe? Is that a thing?

    • Yeah I need layers lol

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    • Umm sortaπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

    • Like I'm genuinely shocked at what came out. That wasn't even from autocorrect. Oh boy...

  • If its too long yes.

    • It's not too long it's just not growing healthily

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  • hmmm slightly trim the ends and next time keep them well moisturized

  • if you have split ends get rid of them as soon as possible because they kinda like "climb up" your hair... s the longer you wait the longer youd have to cut
    and besides, the hair will split as it grows so you won't really see any growth (even though its happening) so you'll have damaged and frustrating hair

    do oil massages every week or something
    and some heavy hair mask every month

    protect your hair from the weather and sun and all that

    cut off heat

    let your hair get some sun (preferably the time before noon and it needs like 30 mins i think)

    eat tonnnssss of salad... the vitamins are good for every inch of you including hair

    comb your hair (with a wood comb) every night before bed

    find a routine and stick to it... changing routines too much will frustrate you and might not give you the best results

    remember that its hair lol so be patient with it.. it wILL take time
    and anything that says "grow your hair 5 ft in 30 seconds! " is probably a hoax or very damaging lol... dont go after trends like that

    scalp massages are great !

    you dont have to trim every 2 months... only trim when you have split ends... and make sure your hair is protected and taken care of so you get as less split ends as possible

    to my knowing at least lol

  • If you want to cut it, go ahead.

  • It's not that long, tbh. If you wish to continue growing it, then feel free too. My hair is much longer than that. But, if you feel as if you should stop, then do so. But, again, that length is like medium length.

    • I know it's not long lol