Can these users continue the conversation since my previous post was removed?

It was about me being depressed about looking like a certain user.

So @jxpxtxr said that we should stay in our lanes. I tried writing the following but the post got deleted, so here goes

"With all due respect @jxpxtxr, the whole concept of lanes can be misleading in this scenario. A survey has been done to prove that to women 80% of men are unattractive, 18% are average and barely 2% make it to the attractive category while it's a 50-50 when it comes to men judging women

This means if we were to go in our leagues by this logic, a 7/10 guy=4/10 girl in terms of how they statistically look and not perceived (ie 7/10 actually means he is better looking than 70% so he is probably a 4/10 if rated here but the girl is still better than 40% women and yet rated a 4 maybe even a 5 or 6)

Is it fair to men considering this?


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  • You’re overanalyzing.
    First of all, don’t ever tell yourself “I should stay in my own lane.” That’s a self-defeating mentality. What you are basically saying is that you are not good enough or skilled enough to be apart of another “lane” so you should just stay where you are and not even try. You are going to miss out on so much by doing that. Thinking like that is not going to help you. It’s only going to encourage you to not like yourself and to be mean to yourself for not being able to keep up with others in “their lane”.

    All of that 1/10, 5/10 stuff is you overanalyzing. It’s not that deep when it comes to attractive people and who they end up with. I’ve seen very attractive people with not so attractive people and they are happy together and so much fun to be around.

    I think what you need to do instead of worrying about that previous post is repatch your self-esteem and build your sense of self-worth.


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  • Your "analysis" makes some very broad assumptions that totally miss the mark. Usually, when I see a post like this, I assume that the poster is giving us their excuse for not trying to have a relationship with women. Is that assumption applicable in this case?


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  • What's your deal.. I told you to leave me out of this...

  • I must be in the minority of this survey then, because I lose count of the amount of guys I find hot in a day.

    • U must be 2/10 level ugly then because then anything over 5/10 is hot to you

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    • Often the people see who walk past my work all often look pretty different. I see so many people everyday and and you can't rate anyone out of anything over all because not everyone finds the same thing attractive.

    • Who you find attractive has nothing do with what you look like.
      I have a friend who is incredibly pretty, yet she doesn't like conventionally good looking guys. She definitely has a type because all her boyfriends have been very tall and slightly chubby. definitely not ugly but not male model types.

      I don't rate guys out of a certain number. I tend to go for players and bad boys, and that's fine too, but there is nothing wrong with looking at people you aren't planning on getting with either.

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  • Show me a survey from a reputable source, then I miight entertain the idea then show me dozens from other repubutable sources showing similar results then you get acknowledged but so far this whole 20 percent of guys thing seems like bullshit

  • Well, I think about 18% of women are unattractive, about 80% are average and barely 2% make it to the attractive category

    So I think it's 100% fair

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