Am I attractive but not enough?

So I am about 5'6". I get told I'm really attractive. I've been told I look like an older Kylie Jenner even though I haven't had plastic surgery. They are of course referring to my face. Although I am of mixed race. However, I am overweight. I am not obese by any means but I am not a small girl either. I am a size 14 girl. So large and sometimes medium tops. So despite the compliments and sometimes even stares I never actually get approached for my number very often. In the rare times I am talking to a guy and his friends compliment me or ask me if I have a sister they act funny about it instead of proud. Is it because of my size? Are guys that concerned about weight to make it a huge turn off?


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  • If this girl is Size 14

    Then you should seriously stop being so insecure, because this is the most normal size there is.

    • I"m not as toned and have a little more tummy. But then why do I have such a hard time with men approaching me? I think when I go out I am confident. I'm not necessarily going out or dressing up to meet men but can't help but feel a certain way when you get the compliments but never anything more.

    • You don't get anything more because people have no idea you're looking for more. At your age you could easily be married with 3 kids.

    • Agh.

  • There is nothing sexier than a healthy body. If you are healthy / look healthy then it's something else.


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  • i can't really tell you what those guys were thinking... but it's certainly possible that your weight is preventing them from pursuing you further.

    • :( yes, I believe so. I'm not upset with them but just myself. I understand not everyone wants a larger girl but I guess it's the age old, you'd be so pretty if you were smaller.

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    • Yea I know. Thanks for the support though. I suppose as long as I don't give up lol. Just get back up and try again.

    • yes, keep trying :) good luck!! :D