Your thoughts about my body?

Your thoughts about my body?
What do you think I should do to look better?

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I see women tend to think that it is normal, but guys think it is cool. It means I should go gay?)))


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  • Pretty good tbh, fairly close to ottermode but obviously try and reach that, can't see your arms so can't comment on them but torso is good and I don''t think many girls would complain.

    • I'm a naturally mesomorphic, dude. I do some body weight trainings at home. I don't want to be more bulky despite my potential, because I'm about 1.76m. It would look like compensation for lack of my height.

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    • So what, if anyone chats shit about me (which is quite frequent since I'm 5'4, literally asked if I'm old enough to be in my college and all the girls that are taller than me can't stop) I just don't respond and move on I don't care.

    • It is cool. I will try to ignore people critizing me and hit the calisthenics with a hardcore hiit program. I would like to get bigger instinctively too actually)

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  • Your body isn't gross, but it isn't WOW either. It's decent, not a lot of guys really have six packs these days so you have that going for yourself. I personally don't give a shit about a guys chest/torso area though.

    • What is wow type of body? Should I be more bulky or lean? I have 12% body fat. It is already low.

    • Wow, is a little more bulky, you should focus on your arms as well.

    • But bulky is not sustainable for a mechanical engineering senior. Also, I like to be more agile. But, I love cannonball deltoids. I will focus in them.

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