Posting a picture did you get the results you were seeking?

So awhile back I put two pictures up asking which one was prettier never admitted which one was me so the answers were not some how misleading. I know insecure dumb move on my part. But any way I put a picture up of a girl I thought that I was WAY better looking then.. However no one else thought so... OUCHIE.. Lmao I have not felt so ugly since I was like 13 years old.. Actually haven't even been told that I'm Unattractive, genuinely every dude I meet (not passer bys) married, single or not finds me attractive and my ego appreciates it, I also appreciated y'all knocking me back to reality. Not gonna lie I cried lol but it really did me good.
They say girls only do this for attention however that was not my reasoning I honestly wanted to know without any one knowing my Personality or my faults or anything else just base looks...
So have you posted pictures? If so why? Did you get whatever you were wanting from it?
Again honesty is always best and appreciated. Lesson learned lol


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  • I don't get it, you're 28 years old so hardly a girl anymore, and you have been in a relationship for 13 years... curious to know why you'd even care what strangers think of you at that point?

    Are you planning to move on from your guy and need to judge where you stand or something? Also curious to see the actual topic.

    • I used the term girl my bad. Woman. Feel better. Because I have obviously changed over the years, had 3 kids. We all can admit there are days we feel ugly (I was 15 years old when we ment) It was just something I was curious about.. No I will NEVER move on from him, he is my life partner. you know how everyone talks on here about if some one really loves you they don't wanna hurt your feelings. So maybe I just wanted to see if he was lying to me like how I feel inside.. I don't know honestly. Curiosity always gets the best of me..

    • I see, and no i wasn't referring to your use of the word girl 😃, merely stating that at 28 i'd expect a woman in her prime looks wise and brimming with confidence who wouldn't need to ask such questions. However, thank you for explaining the reasoning.

      I dont subscribe to much of GaG mentality and i actually think if two people loved each other lying merely to protect feelings would be the last thing they did. Beauty is subjective and none of us are going go model for VS, so the only person who's opinion matters is his and until he gives you an actual reason to suspect otherwise, you should take him at his word.

    • Yeah I should be more then I am. But again with the same man since 15 its hard to feel any thing more then what some one is used too. Rather then believing I'm beautiful. I only have had this relationship. I have huge abandonment issues due to whole family up and leaving me at age 11/12, I sooo lack Confidence that I'm worth love (I get this is bad I'm in therapy lol)
      I'm the type I won't spare feelings, I tell it like I see it, if I don't like it or have nothing nice to say I just don't comment.
      With him I have learned to watch what I say he is much more Vulnerable Than I am. He needs sensitivity. I however appreciate honesty and doing what I can to work on myself. But he "child proofs" me!! He is very over protective.

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  • I don't need the validation of strangers, and I've long decided to not post pictures of myself on here, beyond a few that reveals nothing. But it would seem that you're in a good mindset either way. As long as "you" like you, all is well, and if the person you care about the most also thinks so, then you need nothing else. ^.^

    • I will never do it again. As stated lesson learned lol I do like me, but there are days just like every other female I've have ever talked to that we feel "ugly"... Which led me to this I guess. I truly didn't care the outcome. Obviously it hurt for a minute but like you say I have some one and that's all I'll ever need.. Don't know that I could really call it validation because If it was for validation than I would be a lot more affected by it than I actually am.. I think.. I think it was more of A curiosity..

    • Yeah.. There's also the fact that the people here are so used to cat-fishes, people pretending to be others, and all out baits, that most barely take the "HDIL" section seriously anymore. But it's alright to be curious of course. It's also quite brave in away, putting oneself out there like that, so for that I commend you. ^.^

    • Very true. Its a sad world that now even the internet you can't be your self. I shouldn't be commend I did it and never admitted which one was me. . Not out of worry people would be like oh your the ugly girl lol but more so because I like this site and if people start messaging me hitting on me or being mean id have to delete it :( **relationship rules** ugh lol

  • I would agree with your emphasised sentence - If you feel anyway fragile be careful , it seems most questions will get hammered in someway traditionally the only ones that escape the harshness are I am trying to lose weight and have lost X number of lbs plus the post baby pictures. Sometimes there is an open season feeling to other questions, you have to be so careful, there was a "Am I fat?" question the other day and some hit out "WTF fishing for compliments", it turned out it was a recovering anorexic.

  • Yes. I confirmed I am ugly and undatable.

    • Well they said I was ugly and looked stuck up AND that I looked bitchy, some said they could never date me. I've been in a relationship for 13 years he tells me every day how beautiful I am. So don't give up there is some one out there for every one :) We're just not every ones cup of tea!!

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    • Oh.. Lol
      yes you can find someone who will love you for you!

    • Well, to them, my pity. XD

  • I have, and yeah, I got what I wanted, a few compliments and such. You should embrace the body you are in. If you just post a pic of you, asking for opinions & ratings, you leave less room for diappointment!

  • No not really.


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