Girls, What's the purpose of male body hair? To turn off and repel women 😞?

I personally feel that male body hairs esp when it's a lot of hair all over including the chest, stomach, neck and thighs... it just is a tool to sexually repulse women and turn them off.
I do sometimes see very hairy men having wife /gf but I feel pity for the woman. How much she is tolerating and suffering esp if he gets shirtless or during intimacy.

I personally have lot of hairs as well, unfortunately, and i have always kept myself away from the women. I don't want to torture her and make her suffer with my hairy body.

Once I invest in full body laser then I will start talking to women, dating them and have my first sex 😃

Don't you agree male body and facial hair is a HUGE HUGE mistake that nature has made ot maybe in other words men have been cursed with body and facial hairs?


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  • I would say to keep warm, help to protect you from some harmful things happening to your body. Since guys are more out in elements it's more useful.

    • And women don't need to be kept warm?😞
      Man's face needs to be kept warm by growing messy dirty hairs on it?
      And the point that it sexually repulse women isn't considered?

    • We have hair some more than others and it gets shaved, plucked, waxed electrolysis all the same. we live in a different society now where being hairy is frowned upon. Way back when pickings were slim and hair was considered more attractive than it is today.

    • Still women have very very less body hair than a man. Women don't have visible chest or belly hair or facial hairs.😞
      Men have it on most parts and that too coarse hairs 😭 .
      And women DO get repulsed by lots of male body and facial hairs, isn't it?

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  • Species do not develop traits in order to repel the opposite sex. They do the exact opposite actually.

    • Yes I totally totally agree. Actually traits are there to attract the opposite gender. But male body and facial hair does the thing. 😞

    • The point I was making is that the hair is there to attract women. 🙄 Some really like it, imagine that.

    • I doubt that hair on body and face can even slightly attract women. Whoever thought this was weird I guess.😞
      Do you as a woman feel you or any woman would find male body and facial hair esp lot of hair to be attractive?😞