Girls, How do I look now 22 years old male?

Girls, How do I look now 22 years old male?I am 6 foot and weight 198. Yes I have been single since I was 15 been scared to go up to a female and ask them out, I do work and tons of girls smile at me even this cashier that's 17 that keeps looking at me maybe one of this days I well have a girlfriend and yes I am a virgin still. :)

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  • aw you got a baby face "I am 22 years old"
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  • Ugly "if you vote this your soul is ugly and probably jealous"
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2 is soul less fucks LOL


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  • You have a baby face. You look like you're 12

  • Awe what a cute baby face!!! Maybe facial hair might help?

  • aw you got a baby face

    • I know maybe why I cannot get a girlfriend. LOL I look so young 2 people are so jealous of my looks.