QUICK!! hair color advice needed before appointment?

so today i got bored and naturally being the impulsive chicken nugget i am, made an appointment at the hair salon to get a drastic colour change. well, the thing is, i dont know what colour i want. please help me! appointment is in less than two hours lol. first two pictures are me. i am very pale, blue eyes, with a cool skin tone. additional pictures are my current choices.

i have had crazy hair colours before, so im not afraid of the upkeep or judgement! thanks in advance

QUICK!! hair color advice needed before appointment?

  • chocolate brown
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  • dark copper red
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  • light copper red
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  • baby blonde
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  • periwinkle blue
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  • lilac
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What Guys Said 1

  • I would go towards the pastel colours at the end of the poll


What Girls Said 2

  • I voted for the blue but I would go for something more like a teal color it would look really nice.

    • thanks for your advice :) i have had the colour you are mentioning, and i did like it in the time, only problem was that after a week it faded to this horrible green colour that stuck!

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    • judging by your profile that should look wonderful on you. so your blue didn't fade green at all?

    • Nope not at all but for like 4 months before that I had bleached hair so maybe that caused the dye to look better.

  • I voted the dark copper red... I think it would look lovely on you! (and also because I would choose that color for myself)

    If I had a second option, I'd choose for you to go lilac. It's a great color, especially going into warmer weather.