Girls, How much muscle is attractive, how much is too much and how much is too little?

I know that most girls dont like the bodybuilder type look but keep in mind that most guys will never look like bodybuilders no matter how much they work out unless they take anabolic steroids. How much muscle would you consider ideal? (you can post/link pictures as examples). What do you consider the perfect physique on a guy? Please ignore the faces for a moment and just focus on the body. Asume a guy already has a good looking face but tell which type of body do you consider perfect.


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  • Hmm I do like a lot of muscle I would say however much their goals are. I think too little is a little bigger than my muscle lol. I want him to be making gains.

    • That didn't really answer my question lol. You like a lot of muscle but how much is that? Give some example (like a celebrity or link some picture)

    • id say like zac efrons body now.

    • Well I wouldn't consider that "a lot of muscle" though its obviously above average but thanks anyway.

  • TBH soo many women have different opinions of what type of me. I kind of like my men with a light six pack or maybe a nice toned belly, tall, and just everything else is within his personality.

    Maybe I prefer long hair but yeah.

    You just have to find the right woman and trust me she'll love you for you.

  • I don't like muscles