How do I look honest opinions are appreciated?

I've been thinking long and hard about this one. and I want women's opinions and thoughts on how I look. I've never really have done this before & I thought that most people are doing this so why not me?

on social media I've always hidden my face. due to some really bad experience's regarding my face and unfortunate silent responses. I'm not going to ask for sugar coated replies if I ever get any.

I just want some honest thoughts and what women think of my appearence. close people to me claim I'm insecure about my looks but I have reasons why I never show face. so without further do. here's what I look like.

how do I look honest opinions are appreciated?


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  • You have good qualities

    • Good qualities? what is that suppose to mean? and by good qualities such as?

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  • Would you mind my honest opinion?

    It's not going to be harsh.


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  • I'm male and throwing my piece into this here just because I learn a lot about image consulting through youtube lol. I don't see much hair if any at all on your head, one good piece of advise for any bald dudes (which myself might be going bald soon), is to get a pair of glasses that stand out so people aren't so focused on the baldness. If you can grow some facial hair too, try out scruff or maybe goatee/mustache.

    • Can't grow out any hair, due to reasons I won't be explaining so there is that suggestion gone.

    • Try with the glasses you can get pairs that only for looks not for sight and im sorry to hear that if this is a more negative reason

  • You look fine... No idea why you're worried about it.

    • Women seem to Never respond to me after I show them a picture of what I look like. so this is the first time in a long time that I'm finally showing my face again. but I see no response from girls so I guess the jury is already casted.