How bad is it? Low self esteem w/ an alright smile?

Im quite insecure and wouldn't say my confidence is the best. People say im pretty attractive but sometimes I have a difficult time believing it.

I dont know how to feel.

Some days I think I look pretty alright in the mirror and other days I look horrid. The only thing I have a small ounce of confidence in is my smile.

I dont know if I would consider these pictures an accurate representation of myself.

imgur. com/a/d9Q9C

What do you think?


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  • They weren't lying to you.

    The only thing I see is that your insecurities do show up from your posture to your expressions to the way you dress. It's all closed tight, like you're trying to hide behind a shield.

    If you can open up starting with opening up your shoulders and posture, don't hunch, stop thinking everyone's judging you all the time, it'll help everyone notice those attractive qualities about you.

    Most of all, maybe reach out to people and make more friends and actively seek more out, actively seek to spend time with them. I think that'll help you overcome those insecurities naturally, helping you break out of your shell without making a huge conscious effort.

    • Thanks.
      You know, one person out of everyone told me I was unattractive, and I suppose this skewed my perception of things.
      And I know I shouldn't rely on the word of one person to dictate how I think of myself, but I let it.

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    • A single remark of that sort can be traumatic, but people generally don't say that with any motivation except to kind of bully someone else. They're not being a critic, they're being a bully, or else they would be going around telling that to every genuinely unattractive person they know, at which point they'd probably have their ass kicked.

      That's why I suggest actively seeking out your friends and spending more time with them, learning to have fun and kind of forget your own self-consciousness. That'll bring out those attractive qualities which you already possess.

    • When you're a young, attractive woman like yourself and allow one person to skew your entire perception of yourself, that's a sign you need to get out more. You'll find yourself validated as you seek to spend time with a larger and more diverse group of people and have fun. And it's also a great way to network and branch out and meet guys as a bonus if you're looking for that as well.

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  • You look pretty - Take it day by day - Wake up each morning and say today I will feel a bit more confident than yesterday


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  • You're fine. Have more confidence in yourself!