Girls, Would you find this attractive?

Sounds shallow but I'm asking just because I'm feeling a little self conscious lately. I'm 6 feet tall, handsome, olive skin and light green/blue eyes (I'm Italian), sharp dresser, small gap is n my teeth that women seem to find charming, full head of long dark brown hair that's pushed back and shaved on the sides, I'm a true gentleman and am proud of it, charismatic, confident and quite successful especially considering my age (self employed, in the public eye and under 30) the main reason I ask is because I need to lose a few pounds and it's killing my self esteem. I'm not some huge fat guy or anything and it's evenly spread over my body so no big stomach or huge ass lol I'm just slightly thicker and softer than I'd like to be. So would you find me attractive?

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  • You're just fluffy lol. My boyfriend is the same and I like it, it makes him feel softer when I hug him and he's squeezeable lol


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  • I don't think the few pounds would bother anyone.

  • I don’t mind it. I’m Italian as well and weight doesn’t matter too much too be honest, unless you’re more than 15 Kgs overweight (I don’t use lbs)

  • What's a few lbs to you?

    • About 15-17 but evenly spread so no big bulging areas

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