Ladies, what would you rate my attractiveness on a scale from 1-10?

Tell me what celebrities or important people I look like. Compare and contrast the differences in men you find attractive. Am I your type? Why or why not? Is it my hair, eyes, smile, etc? What can I improve? What I'd going well for me? Any feedback is appreciated


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  • I think you're pretty attractive. A little out of my age range but that's not the question lol you don't need to change for anyone, be yourself.

    • So I get the whole "be yourself" thing but I'm hoping for more descriptive answers. But thank you!

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  • well you dont look bad bad you are not my type. You are good looking but i think because im portuguese i like that type of guys with tan skin brown eyes and dark hair. I think you should need to be more confident , you are a normal guy like the other so you have the same possibilities to get a girl like the others. You dont need to improve nothing you just need to accept how you are.

    • Eu falo português

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    • im not artisan but im artist ( not professional yet) but i study history and culture of arts in portugal. Its like afamily thing my dad was creative person and like to create things. I have sister that study to be designer. I think everyone in my family have his artistic side. I love arts more than anything its part of me i express myself throw the art. My mother and a lot of people dont give value to artists but its who i am. Since i was a children i feel that i cam to this world to make something big. Its sound little bit pathetic or lunatic. ( my boyfriend say that i live in the unicorns world) Sometimes i think why dont have other natural hability imagine if love match or science maybe i had more possibillities to have a good salary and earn more money but its not me.

    • That kind of thinking is healthy and we need people like you. Who believe in themselves and are optimistic for humanity. I am right now into activism and political organizing, not for my own power and status, but because I know what I am doing is going to help the world

  • 4/10
    You're pretty cute


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