Better looking guy among the 2?

A. Sidharth malhotra, Indian actor and model
Better looking guy among the 2?

B. Burak oscivit, turkish actor and model

  • guy a sidharth malhotra
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  • guy b burak oscivit
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@elissadido, this should be interesting lol

@jxpxtxr they are both average to u I bet
@Polocrew is more big than both and the true alpha here


Most Helpful Girl

  • True they are both not very attractive but the second guy is better looking than the first

    • I honestly think burak is 0.1 better than sid too but it's hilarious how johnny depp and avan jogia are considered better than them Lmfaooo they both in the 8-9 category if ur not racist or media brainwashed

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    • Its called sexual frustration lol

    • Laughing my actual ass off. 😂😂 I can't even

Most Helpful Guy

  • Whichever one makes more money and has a bigger penis.

    • They both must be worth about the same and my bets are sidharth is a 6-7 incher like me and burak is maybe just a 6. I don't know I just know ha ha

    • It's probably about the same, so they will be both be fine for you.

    • Well I'm a size queen and I need 8"+ so neither will do.

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