Best workout program to build a body like this?

Best workout program to build a body like this?
Also how can I have the guy's skin, my skin color is pretty similar to his but dull as fuck and not orangish

@polocrew, this is what I am looking for exactly


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  • Well, I don't know what kind of body you have at the moment. Obviously that's important.

    If you currently have more bodyfat than this guy does, then, you'll have to embark on a fat-loss program.
    The BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE -- but also the most brutal -- fat-loss program is the one I outlined in this thread. (Adjust the 200 grams of protein up to about 250 grams if you weigh 150-175 pounds, or about 300 grams if you weigh 200+ pounds.)

    If you can actually stick to that program (the PSMF diet, along with HEAVY weight training about twice a week), then it WILL work.

    The effectiveness of that program will be enhanced, by the way, if you do a "glycogen depletion" workout RIGHT BEFORE STARTING it. That's a workout of 4-6 sets per major body part, 12-20 reps per set... each set should take between 45 and 60 seconds total, and you should rest for between 60 and 75 seconds between sets. You should use a weight that will make these sets JUST less than failure.
    You should do 2-3 sets per bodypart at a time (so, do the whole body twice to get yr 4-6 sets per bodypart).
    This workout will NOT be fun. You may throw up, especially when you do the leg press/squat part of it. But, if you can get through this glycogen-depletion workout (and then follow the directions on that other thread afterward), the fat-loss power of the PSMF diet will be turbocharged, and you will lose close to zero lean mass at the same time.

    You only have to do the glycogen-depletion workout ONCE. (If you just can't finish it -- if you could wipe the floor with yourself after 2-3 sets/bodypart -- then you could split it up over 2 days.) After that, you should do the PSMF diet, with the kind of weight workouts described on the other thread. DO NOT do intense cardio -- it will be counterproductive. You shouldn't do anything more intense than walking up an incline.


    If you are currently skinny, and the goal is to build up muscle, then, it's a different story. But, I saw a couple of yr other comments here, and I don't think that is the case (correct me if I'm wrong).

    • Yes you are right, I am Skinny fat, tagging you was the best decision ever , like wow that is informative and you really know your stuff

    • No prob.

      Js, the PSMF diet is a VERY hard program to stick to. If you find it too difficult, then, it's better to add in some fat (ideally, unsaturated fat) than to add in carbs.

      Although you can add in up to 30 grams/day of carbs in the form of green cruciferous vegetables, for the sake of being able to take shits, without doing yourself any harm.

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  • Lmao is this who I think it is and yea just tan 5 times a week

    • How do u tan? By that u mean just go out in the sun? Won't that make u wrinkly when u are older?

      Also, right workout for that body. My frame is considerably bigger than his but I got moobs and love handles

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    • I'll try redeyemindtricks approach for now though, I am like just 20 and have a lot of free time so why not lol

    • Lol brah if u just want a bod like that, u really don't need to do all that shit lol just cardio and stay in deficit for like 2-3 months

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  • Eating a lot of carrots turns your skin orange no joke it's actually been proven so maybe start doing that for the skin. for the body pushups , sit ups , leg-raises, planks. As many as you can of all of these exercises spaced throughout the day that's what my brother does he has that kind of body in the picture.

    • So no need to lift weights? Does ur brother have any specific workout regime?

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    • But u have to eat like 7-8 a day to see results lol but well, no pain no gain so going for it

    • He doesn't lift weights at all he uses strength training so every bit of muscle he has is actually useful not just for asthetics. Just asked him he has no specific workout rigime but he did do a few ab challenges and he is naturally skinny.

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