Would you get on this plane?

A woman is going to Mexico on a plane ( very lazy woman) she weighs several hundreds of pounds and pees/poos herself daily. She does not shower, her grown ass children wipe her down though, which doesn't help because she smells like rotten eggs/rotten fish. Would you fear her bringing the plane down and could you handle the funk?

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  • to the cargo bay she goes!

    i hope this isn't a legit question


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  • I'd risk it. If she was allowed on the plane, then she will likely be put seated closer to the middle of the plane, so try to get away from that. ( I could get into the physics of this (center of gravity and all) but I'll spare you.)


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  • The only way that you would know that she pees and poops herself daily, never showers, is wiped down by her children, etc. is if you were a part of her life, or actually her. So why do you ask?

    • No way! Ik her and her caregiver! Who would be a part of her life? I

  • Well, no problem with the risk... one of these ladies on a commercial jetliner will not make the difference.
    But I'd hope to be seated far away from her... gosh that smell must be the end of the world :-(


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