I found out I am 178 cm/5'10 at the dot, is it short or should I cry more about my face and body?

I am definitely investing in elevator shoes though, in my opinion a guy below 6' should lay down and rot if he is not ready to hide his true height
  • Just cry about being ugly, not short
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  • You are short AND ugly
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And if ur under 5'7, then I am not 5'10 I am almost 6' 😂😂😂
@elissadido, would girls in France be turned off by me because of height alone? Be brutally honest and my preferred range is 5'4-5'8 by the way


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  • Yes, you are short. You have to be at least 7'4. Go cry some more.


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  • 5'-10" is average,(actually 177cm;-) nowadays, in the 1950's I think average was 5"-8"... people in general are getting larger... don't know if it's evolution or all the Hormones in the foods?


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  • That's not short. That's average height for guys if I'm not mistaken. Just cry about being ugly. Even though crying about it won't do any good anyways, try to find ways how to fix your ugliness instead.

  • You're fine trust me.

  • I'm sorry, 5'10" is short?
    Since when?

    • Its below the average height in some countries and in upper class areas of countries like Germany and scandinavian ones, it's like the average height for women lol

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    • Bs, Pathans and pashtuns are the biggest warrior races, some of them even over 7' tall average is bs it is because lower class people are too short like 5'0 and under and upper class are too tall like 6'2 and over so overall average is 5'5

      @cindirelli can confirm lol

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