Which Member Is Most Attractive? Why?

I listed them in the order I think they belong in, I just wanted to see if people think the same. I believe they are all beautiful women and are very well desired among men/bisexual women/feminine lesbians.

I have nothing against any of these girls, so if anyone believes that my last choice is the prettiest I believe she's very beautiful but not my type.

  • Lauren Jauregui
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  • Normani Kordei
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  • Ally Hernandez
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  • Dinah Jane Hansen
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  • Camila Cabello
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  • I had to google who they are so my choice is based on looks only that said margin between first and fifth is very small but I think from 1 to 5 - I would go first Ally, Normani, Camila, Dinah and then Lauren.

    • I didn't see why part till now - I just did a quick scan of pics and her face stood out

    • Hmm, seems like every time you comment on things you have the opposite opinions XD. Polar opposites then. I think Lauren is the prettiest, she's the most unique with piercing green eyes and a dark look to her. I agree tho, Ally is very beautiful I just have to disagree on the opinion that Lauren is the least attractive. Not saying what you think is wrong, I just find it interesting.

    • That's okay, no offense taken - Everybody has different preferences I suppose

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  • You put a horrible picture of Ally! She's definitely has the most beautiful features

    • Really? I thought she looked beautiful. I say she's the 3rd prettiest.

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    • That's exactly my point. And Lauren has such an incredible voice too.

    • Yeah. I think Lauren and Dinah have such strong voices, but Camila gets all the good parts. It sucks. :/

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  • I actually don't like any of them so much personally (when held to celebrity type of standards) -- maybe just their style and aesthetic reminds me of dolls or something, a bit synthetic.

    I also ended up looking up pictures of each of these since I didn't want to judge from one photo. Among them though, Camila Cabello stood out for me as being cute.

    • I think it's because they tend to be more "natural" looking and I kind of like that about them :) . I think Camila is quite pretty, I love her hair and skin tone. I tried to look for photos where they don't look like they have packed on makeup, and it's in a more casual place rather than on stage. Ally didn't have many selfies :( so I had to go with a black and white pick, while Camilla uses bright filters. Personally, if you saw these girls irl I think they'd be considered quite pretty, you just expect more from celebs since the Kardashians :/ .

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    • Yeah, I don't know why people think they look so good with all that plastic surgery. Like we all know it's fake. It's just ridiculous, gosh I just want to live in the Full House times so much better!!
      I like girls that look more like Halsey



      Like, I know the hair is a bit much but she seems less fake than most celebs such as the Jenners.

      I also think young Ashely Olsen is pretty too, but the twins got so skinny over the years.

    • Oh pretty -- not sure what to think of all those wild hair colors, but looks quite natural.

  • last one looks better

  • Not a fan but Lauren and Camilla looks attractive to me :P

  • Okay, gave my opinion. But who the heck are they? Are they from a popgroup or something?

    • R&B group. They're Fifth Harmony.
      You may be familiar with Worth It, Work From Home, and Flex. May also know their appearance in I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes.

    • Oh! I thought they might be but I wasn't sure, thanks!

    • Yep!! No problem :) .

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