Is acne extremely unnatractive? Can it make someone you thought was cute to not be in your eyes?

Okay sorry for the middle school type question, but can it? I used to be a pizza face in middle and high school. It really made me have 0% self worth for a long time. I actually hated myself for a really big part of my teen life. Like really hated myself. I took accutane around junior year in high school, and it really helped clear up a lot of my acne problem.

I didn't like anything about myself in middle school, I got heavily bullied by mainly my friends. Also throughout the early high school years. It wasn't until senior year that I started feeling comfortable with my looks, and I think I'm fairly attractive now. Some days I think I look awesome, some days I think I look alright, and some days (like today) I feel ugly. Mainly because I have some acne flaring up. Not nearly as bad as middle school, but it still bothers me. I feel like I go from being attractive to looking ugly. When I look at myself without acne, I think I'm attractive. But if I have a few bad spots, or I start getting cold sores, then I feel really depressed about it and feel like I just dropped all chances of attracting anyone that day.

So when someone has some mildish acne, would you consider that ugly and not even think about what they look like without it? Or am I being too compulsive about this. I know being co fident shows through your looks, I can tell from when I feel confident. But is it a huge deal?

Also, be blunt if you answer. You won't hurt my feelings lol.


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  • I know how you feel, acne sucks. I have suffered with moderate-severe acne for about 5 years. Even though it has gotten much, much better, I don't even leave the house a lot of the time because of it and I strategically plan out when my acne won't be as bad as usual, just so I can go out. Personally, since I am so disgusted with my own acne, I avoid people who have acne (in dating). BUT that doesn't mean I couldn't learn to love someone with acne. It's a superficial thing, if you're a good person and have a great personality, something so trivial as acne shouldn't matter. It's not like you can help it anyways and I'm sure, if someone really liked you, they would understand that. Acne doesn't make you any less of a person, some people just won't understand since they are probably blessed with perfect skin and don't get acne and may assume you have bad hygiene (horrible stereotype). If the acne is so bad that you can't even tell what the person would look like without it then I don't see how anyone would find it attractive, but what really matters is who you are as a person. Also, when you fall in love with someone, you see them in a completely new light, you don't even notice stuff like acne since you can see beyond it. I hope you're acne struggle improves !! <3


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  • I am taking roaccutane now too but I even had mild acne before on my forehead not those big red buttins haha the cystic ones.
    anw acne does detract from your looks but if it is mild it doesn t make you ugly.
    truth is no one is perfect lol, we all have good and bad days.
    we all have scars, acne inflammation etc..

  • Hey, my boyfriend as cystic acne (pizza face as you put it haha) and some scars, to me it isn't a big deal at all, you just have to be confident with yourself and understand that it can be a condition like anything else and it isn't gross or shameful.

  • It's not a huge deal if they have a good facial structure underneath it aka if they're attractive. A little acne doesn't make someone ugly. If it's really bothering you, you should go to a dermatologist and have him prescribe some creams based on your skin type. That's how I got rid of my acne.


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