If a guy was ridiculously good looking with coloured eye contacts but not so much without them, would u still date him?

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And one night stand, would that work out? Honestly I am more interested in fucking than dating anyway


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  • If he was "so good looking" why need to wear coloured contacts in the first place? Anyways I don't see it being an issue, if I were single. One night stands aren't my thing so you may need to wait for someone else's answer.

    • My guess: to be cool :p

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    • He stands out to me lol not sure what everyone else thinks of him

    • It depends on what hazel, dark hazel doesn't matter as much but even that is better than dark brown eyes. Light hazel like hrithik roshan is at a different level altogether. Light eyes +dark skin will always be better than only light or only dark features

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  • vnmc?

    • Hey there I have missed you baby ;)

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    • Lmfaooo okay man, close to India but not quite there

    • lol we talked before u from india lol
      u want to come to usa pretty bad lol
      lotta more hot girls here
      im African American