What do you think? Law ball dress?

Okay so my boyfriend is a law student and there is a ball at the end of this month that we are going to. Now as I am a student as well I am broke, I borrowed this dress from my mum. I know the picture doesn't show it off much but you get the gist. Short underskirt (too short I will be wearing a longer one with it ) and a long lace over skirt. Simple but sophisticated. I will be wearing it with little black heels I think.What do you think? Law ball dress?
also what should I do with my hair? I was thinking a Dutch braid on one Side and then the rest of my hair curled to the other?

*my hair is short- Med length just below my shoulders, purple colored average thickness


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  • My god woman! Don't leave your laptop on the ground like that! We all have our clumsy/drunk moments.

    Also I have only one note on your dress/hair plan.
    Add splashes of color where you can.
    Get a bright nail polish, and an earring/necklace combo to match. Generally I'd match eye color for this color, but you have a hair color you could match for this as well. Match your handbag if you can (thrifty stores are great for this stuff, they have loads of it). And as always, keep the makeup elegant.


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  • its cute... wear your hair up

    • My hair doesn't stay up too well Id need 20 Bobby pins to stick all the strays up 😒 sometimes i regret going short

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  • I like it :D I love the detail on the bottom. For hair loose curls work just fine on a slightly short length.