Thought I should give it a try. 1-10 rate away ))?

Thought i should give it a try. 1-10 rate away ))?


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  • Aren't you engaged? Only his opinion matters tbh 😝

    • No what the society thinks matters bahahaha it's a cruel world

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    • I have a preference but that's all it is. I don't consider any girls to be "exotic", because i know there are beautiful people from all races. Only people with a fetish (possibly racist) would ever bump a girl up a few points because they're "different". I don't find the vast majority of white girls attractive, on the contrary most are 5's = average.

      Here is a picture of a 10/10 Asian, i'd put her up against any 10/10 white girl.
      There are 250k Asians in the entire UK, If one out of 100,000 look like her, do you think i have more chance of seeing them in China or here? Scale that back to say 7/10, i still see very few 7/10 Asian girls compared to 7/10 white girls.

    • Ahhhh i see :D I don't know about china but here i have seen girls on that level

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