What are the most attractive, extremely short haircuts for men?

alright, last post of the day.
i am currently joining the navy, i have about 8 inches of hair on my head and i have no idea what short hair looks like on me anymore.
what are the most attractive haircuts that could pass military standards?
not sure i can pull off the "Mr. Clean" so please don't say bald.what are the most attractive, extremely short haircuts for men?
i have a bit of a widows peak so please take that into account.


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  • Well, you can have a skin fade on the side and just cut the top of your hairs doen to about six inches or seven inches. You can still have the option to be stylish on the weekend. However, they probably will cut it short during boot camp.

    • im thinking the same thing but maybe the Canadian navy is different. i think im going to try for a fade and maybe 3 ish on the top. just the same, im waiting for a few responses before i go chopping.

  • well get ready for Mr Clean mate haah or a standard high and tight

    • think i can get away with a little longer top on the high and tight. not sure but if its too long they will buzz it anyway. just seeing how much i can get away with.

    • through your basic your going to be bald more than likely unless they have changed shit... after that tech school or whatever the navy calls it.. again at most a high and tight.. then first duty station u can have almost normal hair..