Is it weird I have never had a serious crush on a girl EVER?

I am 20 already and this is the thing. I just don't like girls that way I mean I am physically attracted to them and some of them are really cool and great people to talk to but it always stays in my mind that the world is so superficial better not to ever like a girl seriously?

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  • U made to be a playa ;)

    • Ha ha actually I am socially very awkward but I did hook up with one girl through tinder and might with another next week

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    • Lol Its really tough in my country India with all the moral policing bs and also tough to just go to a pharmacy and purchase a condom without avoiding the dirty stares, still commend myself on doing it 😂😂😂

    • Fuck them, its not their penis

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  • Crushing was something I did when I was prone to view life based on fantasy and imagination, influenced by romantic stories and such.

    I grew out of it when I got a bit older and started dating. It sounds like you managed to reach that level very quickly, and that's generally a pretty good thing.

    That said, you might still end up liking a girl very seriously if you can find one that really suits you and makes you miss her company all the time. It's better to develop those feelings though through the dating process where the feelings can be mutual than crushing on someone from afar.


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