What hairstyle would look best on me? Why?

So since my birthday is coming soon... I figured that it is time to change.

I want to get a shorter hairstyle, but I have been afraid to because I don't want to look "boxy" or "butch." I have a chubby heart shaped face.

What? You need a picture of my face? Okay.What hairstyle would look best on me? Why?
Here is my lovely, fatass face.

So now that you have a picture of my face, which ones would look best on me?

Or what? Lol. I appreciate your feedback. :3

  • A, explain why.
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  • B, explain why.
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  • C, explain why.
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  • Neither. Please offer me a different hairstyle idea then :)
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What Guys Said 2

  • I am no expert on these matters but I tried to imagine your face shape with all the hair styles (all of which I like) and I thought A would suit you best.

  • I did not answer. Why not ask your hairstylist what they think would fit the shape of your head / hair best? I imagine they would know best. Answer my How Do I Look, please :)

    • Ah. See, I don't have a stylist, lol. I basically wear my hair long and only get it trimmed once in a while and I have never dyed it. I'm going to turn 20, so I want to shed that "same old, little girl" look.

    • Personally, I think girls natural color almost always looks better than a dye job. Why not try a nice salon out, after answering my How Do I Look, lol

What Girls Said 3

  • I say C, she has the closest to your face shape so then you know it WILL look good on you instead of having to guess.

  • I chose A because i think it will frame your face nicely :)

  • the first look

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