How does he look?

How does he look???

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Show some eyes. They are like the thing that makes a person attractive.

    • I dont have blue or green eyes

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    • Um ya im the only one replying so far. Says a lot

    • So u would date someone with glasses on all day everyday? Or try to spark a convo with someone who never took their glasses off?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Lose the gay blue mirrored circle shades, tf. Serious.

    Clean and shape the stubble or grow a lit beard.

    Purposefully lose the homo chain down the sink, I cringed so hard it hurt.

    Dude wtf is that shirt?

    Style cut your hair and sort it out, no one rocks a grown out buzz cut.

    Hit up a beautician and have your eyebrows shaped, manscape your life brah.

    Shave your mf arms, why would you allow that, ever.

    Gets some blackhead removal cream or blackhead strips and sort your nose out because it's a fecking minefeild.

    You asked, that's the opinion. I'm sure your personality is dope dude... Money on your being super narcissistic And thinking you're the shit.

    Don't get butthurt on my opinion, I really couldn't care.

    • Why should i get butthurt? Lol i am always open to new ideas and criticsm. Thanks you for sharing ideas lol

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    • Still, i am going to university. I do not pay an extra fee to school, because i have passed some exams. but without money, you cannot go abroad for education, or living there. I do not want to stay in my own country, so i want to go. But without money, what can you do

    • @TAKETIMEAD8 i have a friend who's a chef, he works for three months then leaves the country for three months... He saves enough for flights and to eat and stay in backpackers etc, money doesn't need to be a priority to leave the country. You could work for a month in a butcher mopping up blood and have enough to leave the country.

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  • is this your third post about the same topic in the past week or what, getting pretty annoying tbh


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