I'm in love with her but I'm afraid that my weight would prevent me from her, what to do?

I'm in love with her but I'm afraid that my weight would prevent me from her, what to do?

I'm not asking you to rate my body on a scale over 10, actually if I'm going to rate myself I'm going to to have 0.5/10 😭😭😭. So whatever, I have my hot neighbor that got her relationship broken with her ex-boyfriend. So she's living alone. Today when I saw her this morning I had my heart shaking like:

Anyway, she shaked her head then I shake my head back (I think that means Hi). So I was thinking of making a friendly relationship with her, but since I'm not American and she is, so since I have this con and my bad English con I'm going to have to look for some pros First!! But when I saw myself in the mirror I said WTF!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So what ever I'm 5'8'' 222lb and I'm planing to do some sports and diet to get my body decent to ask her for a date. Do you think that it is impossible to make it with my elephant-body or do I need to lose some weight first?

  • You have a good body go ahead and ask her for a date
  • You need to lose some weight from this elephant-body
  • Some girls have no problem with this body
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Wow all of the girls are saying that girls might not care that much about my body!! Is that really true!! Come on if we had a walk and she saw a good shabe guys wouldn't she hate me for my body?


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  • Honestly, you don't look that big. I think your shirt is too small making you look bigger. I say go for it tho :) .

    • You won't believe! It's an extra large 😭😭😭. Thank you for your positivity anyway 🌹

    • It's all about the fit not the size!! :D Girls can care less about what's on your tag XD.

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  • brother you will never hit a home run if you dont swing the bat.. soo fuck it give it a go!

    • Fuck what my stomach or my neighbor? I really feel unconfidence with this body, because there are a lot of well built bodies around so why would she go with meπŸ˜‘

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    • Yeah probably you're right.. Okay how do I start it up? Can I buy her a flower from walmart and starting by inviting her for a Turkish or Columbian coffee in my home?

    • um u need a non-hostile environment.. public place she won't be worried about going.. maybe a starbucks or something.. and its not a date its just coffee so dont bring up dating or anything like that.. just make is casual friendly and get to know each other.. after a while you should be able to get a feel of how she feels about you.. this might take a few meetings.. then simply suggest that you two go to dinner or something but dont be pushy..

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  • You dont have an elephant body. If you want to lose weight do it for yourself and for health reasons. It'll probably make you more confident too, so that might help. I would just wait a bit because she did just get out of a relationship so she probably isn't looking for another one so soon.

    • See, when I remember that I'm doing something for somebody I love I will try hard. But for my health mmm I'm not sure that I care that much. For example when I study I remember that I'm doing this for my family and my kids in the future to earn a better life otherwise I wouldn't do it.. etc

    • Jess is as wise as she is cute =P but no all jokes aside she is correct you should give her some time to adjust and settle before trying to date her..

    • @MrAssHat ayee thanks boo 😘

      I'm not sure if that's healthy. You should learn to do things for yourself. Internal motivation is harder to come by than external motivation. But if you need it: you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you future wife and kids.

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  • Your confidence level about yourself is what will turn her off if your her type. Women are self-conscious about themselves so they don't want a man with confidence issues too.