Girls, Would you date this guy?

Well I'm single and virgin looking for a healthy and fruitful relationship. I am kinda shy when it comes to approaching girls and was just wanting to know that would any of you want to date me. I am also up for Long Distance as I love travelling.
I am asking this on a serious note.Girls, Would you date this guy?


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  • You know this isn't a dating site.


    • I know right. But I felt like asking it here as its one of the places where people are most honest.

  • One thing that makes me hesitant - The unibrow.

    • Ohh would work on that. Thanks :D

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    • It makes you look older, yes. That's a good thing in this case. :3

    • Aww yes thats a good thing haha as long as that'd make someone want to know me more haha

  • 8/10

    If he had amazing personality to add up with looks then yes :)

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