Am I Handsome Enough To have Sex With At All?

I am literally feeling suicidal because of my rejections from women. So far the only girls who want to know me are the female racehorses I massage and prostitutes. Oh and I can't really smile because of my depression.Am I Handsome Enough To have Sex With At All?


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  • I've been following your posts for a while now.

    Look, I've been suicidal before, so I know how in a rut it feels. It's hard to come off as helpful without sounding like I don't understand. The truth is, I think you're a nice guy. You're young, you're smart, you've got battles, but you've also got tonnes of potential to become something great. I've got a few pointers you might try to consider. Hopefully, they help.

    - Talk to a stylist about a haircut that'll suit you best. Maybe hit the gym!

    - Work on your depression. You've gotta fix yourself before a relationship, or (1) it's not fair on the person you're dating, (2) you'll expect the person to fulfill a void that only you can fulfill, leaving both people miserable, (3) An asshole might see your depression/desperation, and use it against you (Remember that Craigslist date?).
    W0t do? - Talk to a therapist. If you don't want therapy, keep a journal where you write your problems and feelings, and then write solutions to your problems, different viewpoints of the problem, and then, your progress. Depression tip 2: When your depression makes you not want to do something (eg SMILE), you MUST do that thing. Ie, you MUST smile, because that is exactly the thing that will scare your depression off.

    - You are absolutely 100% obsessing about sex. Bro, it's damaging you, like, beyond. Fuck, it's making you suicidal. Focus on other things and get mad skills.

    - Pick up some interesting hobbies! Might help you against the depression + distract you from sex, + it'll help you make friends with people, including girls.

    - Less obsessive = less desperate. I can't count the # of times I got scared off a cool guy because of how desperate he came off as.

    - Be less angry, bro. I can see how angry you are at women and the world about your autism, and women = golddiggers. You've got so much anger, it scares me. The world hasn't got patterns you can use to generalize and predict. Just accept things, learn that wisdom, and move on. Let go of your bitterness and have faith, or you'll scare people off and remain depressed.

    Tip: Be Careful about which women you aim for. Craigslist = 100% going to meet a con artist = fucking mistake. Get good at reading people. Don't hurt yourself on human trash.

    The most important thing for you is to *be patient with yourself*. You're a very young person trying to figure it out. We all are. Give yourself all the time you need, man. You've got this. I believe you can do it.


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  • Yes you are


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  • I wouldn't have sex with you. But someone would


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  • Bro don't go suicidal you are cool and look good don't worry about them get to know them for a couple of months and then ask them out and be a gentlemen all the time

  • You're not bad. Just get your hair out of the awkward stage (longer or shorter), start working out, maybe dress a little more flashy, and you'll be drowning in bitches.

    • But I've always heard it's only guys with six-figure salaries who get laid regularly, no matter how ugly, or shitty as a human they may be.

    • he is liar, not good

    • Nah, I assure you that plenty of poorer guys get laid regularly, too. Especially considering you're still college-age. There are a lot of women in that age bracket still in their slut phase.

      Of course, personality and approach is a big part of it as well. Going up and saying "Ayy baby, wanna fuck?" won't go well with most girls lol.

  • You're a good looking guy. Women don't like you because you're not a petty criminal or in a band, or are generally not cool enough.

    Basically all the things that mean leading a shitty life, you are not.

    • Please excuse my retardedness, but the last half of what you said didn't make sense to me. Please explain?

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    • Okay, you got me.