Girls, GAG please rate my body?

alright guys just wanting some opinions on where my body currently lies in the eyes of the opposite sex both good and bad feedback appreciated

Girls, GAG please rate my body!?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You, in my opinion, have a very nice body. You are obviously healthy and leaning towards a bit skinny I'd say but still very fit which is what I personally like. You also have the V-line on your hips which I think is rather sexy.

    • thanks for your answer cosmic bird but I never really thought of myself as skinny

    • Well, I say you're skinny because you seem to be a bit thinner than what is considered to be the average body/build. I think it suits your body and you look good.

    • interesting thanks for your answers

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What Girls Said 4

  • how much do u weight? U look so skinny 0.0

  • Looks nice

  • I'm not really attracted to your body type but looks good

    • Thanks for your answer anon can I ask what do you think my body type is?

    • Thin. I like my guys a little more bulky.

    • Would you consider me skinny? As I never really have considered myself skinny tbh

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