Girls, which of these 3 guys is hottest to you?

(1) This mehhh guy in your bed

Girls, which of these 3 guys is hottest to you?
(2) This mehhh guy who just scored a basket

(3) This chill, cool, young, Russell Crowe-looking gentleman in your bathroom

  • First guy (Asian guy)
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  • Second guy (black guy)
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  • Third guy (white guy)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • the 1 guy is pretty ;)

    • Oh you mean the first guy?

    • Oh haha that's John Cho! :D He's an actor (a good one too!), and also pretty funny in interviews I've seen him in.

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What Girls Said 3

  • 2nd guy 😍👌🏼

    • Unfortunately for me as a fan of other NBA teams, his team won the title this year lol. :( But oh well; this guy won the title fair and square -- as the best player on that team -- so that's why he earned his place in this question (instead of some other player), haha! Maybe next year I can put up another player. xD

  • Lebron has gross feet

    • LOL I saw that too a while back, when the sports news outlets were reporting on it. Pro sports are often tough on the feet of athletes. I've seen tennis players with some banged-up feet too, although admittedly not nearly as gnarly as Lebron's, hahaha. xD Oh well; a small price to pay for the championships, big money, and superstar-player status I suppose. :P

    • So which guy did you vote for? :)

  • let me start by saying that I have never seen someone so ugly as the last guy. What's that? No!
    The first looks gay to me, nothing against him, and probably would like to have a drink and talk about my exes with him lol.
    LeBron has it all! The body, the attitude, I bet he fucks good unlike the other two.

    • I was always more of a Kobe fan. :D However, he's retired now sadly, so I thought to pick someone still active in the sport lol.