How do you rate me?

I have seen a lot of these questions about "how do I look?"/"rate me, please? " and I find them very uninteresting. These ratings are stupid because who cares what number you get from strangers?
How do you rate me? I have answered some of these ratings myself and now I want to give others a chance to do the same for me. Feel free to dislike me and so on. 👍👎"Rate me hate me!"

I want you also to share an opinion about what you think about these ratings. Have you ever asked for one?

  • 9-10
  • 7-8
  • 5-6
  • 3-4
  • 1-2
  • Is that a bird?
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If you didn't notice this was sarcasm and I really just wanted to see if people agree with me; that these kind of questions are boring.


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  • It is a strange phenomenon alright - I would like to see it put to more positive constructive use for things like "I have lost weight (baby weight, a tough diet etc), how am I looking?" or genuinely insecure people getting a bit of a boost but attention whores have invaded the topic thus increasing the resentment. My fear is that genuine cases getting caught in the crossfire. I have seen more than one recovering anorexic getting blasted for asking a "Am I fat?" question plus in my old account where I saw a 14 year old had to get her father to write an update on her question because she was called "Ugly" several times.
    The way it is I have a lot of qualms about from attention whoring, Glamour model posing of body parts and underwear plus the rating system defies logic everybody has different value my 4 could be getting there pretty and another person's 4 could be very plain.
    Anyway where was I, there are things wrong with the How Do I Look topic but it could be a good topic I feel.

    • Thanks for your good answer! I totally agree with you. I feel this question might affect those insecure teenagers who are posting pics of themselves half naked. They post the question thinking someone will say something nice, but then the result might be really bad.
      I understand there might be used also in a more positive way, but more often it is not. Maybe we GaGers should be more positive or then the whole question-category should be somehow more positive.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Strangers online have no bias compared to people in real life, that's why it's better to get a rating here. Most people have no reason to be dishonest on here.

    • But is it really necessary for teenagers to get a rating? Then they get a lot of negative answers just because people dislike the way they present themselves or because of something else. Why would they need a rating?

    • It's not really about need. And with enough answers, you can get an accurate picture of how attractive you probably are.

  • I can't rate you because you forgot to upload your pic. You can upload at question update

    • Haha, I didn't upload one because this question was more of a joke.
      you can see my pic on my profile though...

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  • Stupid question... reported.

    • So why exactly is this stupid?

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    • Good thing this site uses opinions then.
      Sorry :)