What do you think of her body? And body-wise how old?

(Repost) What do you think of her body? And body-wise how old?


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  • If I'm being honest I'm pretty sure she has that pouch of over hanging belly fat above her crotch, more than likely some fairly present cellulite and a few stretch marks here and there especially along the breasts. All in all I don't like it and age wise concerning her body I'd say in her 30's and maybe had a kid or two.

    • Thank you I'm 41 and had 3 kids.

    • It's my mother in the photo. But she's sitting here with me viewing the replies

    • If you're 41 and that's your mom in the photo I have to say that is fairly impressive! As I've stated I personally don't like it but that's in reference to would I like it for myself at my age (19). Considering her age that's absolutely amazing especially with how most people in general tend to look by then. She's also got nice fashion sense that frames her nicely. I'd say she's kept herself up over the years, there's plenty of women who let themselves go by 30.

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