You see a really hot chiselled tanned and green eyes guy but he removes those contacts and has plain brown eyes, would u still fuck him?

Not dating, just banging and during those few hours in bed he'll still have the contacts on

I ask these questions and then give those comments only to come back after a week and cringe so hard shit 😭😭


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  • Don't care about a guy's eyes colour, I think the shape of the eye and how big they are is what make the difference in attractiveness rather than the colour

    • I have deep set almond shaped eyes with low eyebrows yet they look boring and sad

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    • @Elissadido has decent eye shape and high eyebrows which are nice for a woman but I am willing to bet with green or blue eyes she would look EVEN better though she is beautiful already

    • And small eyes are good for men as long as they are small because of the area around them not small overall, that is beady, lot of caucasian men have that (including heartthrobs like Chris hemsworth, david Beckham etc though they are very handsome on the whole) and that is ugly tbh. It should be horizontally wide and vertically narrow. Big but well covered. Burak and Chico have 9/10 eye areas would be 10 if it was coloured.

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  • LOL i'll take my dark brown eyes over any other colored eyes

    Dark hair and eyes>>>>>>>

    • Dark eyes are shit, I am ready to go to any limits that is safe to change them, saving money for surgery but it still seems to have some dangerous risks involved

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    • Yeah like I have seen people with such horrible bone structures and even eye shapes and features who are ridiculously hot only because of their eye colour. Jared leto and hrithik roshan are great examples

    • True, true

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  • Had me at chiseled and tan of course I would!

  • Eyes are the windows to the soul O-O
    It's like having stained glass.

    • Would u sleep with stained glass?

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    • And now I see you are under 18 shit, please ignore me

    • Hahaha it's okay ;P
      I don't do one night stands XD

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  • If eye colour changes your mind like that, you have issues.