Girls, How hot would you say this guy is?

Girls, How hot would you say this guy is??

  • very hot
    30% (10)
  • hot
    36% (12)
  • average
    24% (8)
  • below average
    6% (2)
  • ugly
    4% (1)
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What Girls Said 3

  • Ehh, like average. I don't like his body and his face isn't really anything special. He has good eyes though.

    • what dont you like about his body, im trying to build a body like that. Im a skinny guy.

    • I don't like muscles so for me, he is way, way too overdone and too defined, it isn't what I prefer.

    • fair enough, i will probs look like that when im done.

  • So hot! Alexander Skarsgard and him were the only reason I watched true blood.

  • Tbh I don't like his body because I feel like my body would have to be similar to that. DO you know what I mean?

    • No not at all! I will look like that soon, and as long as a girl looks feminine, thats enough! What is you body type?

    • I feel like if your dating someone who is fit then you must be fit and vice versa

    • true, but when im wearing a shirt, people can't see through it.