Why do women rate men so low and rate other women so high? Wtf is going on?

Well the problem is not mainly about rating other girls higher than reality (which means overrate). And yeah, you overrate girls. It's a fact but It's understandable somehow, I know you do that to feel yourself better and less ugly...
but when it comes to MEN you completely change your mind and do just the opposite thing, underrate them BADLY. An average or even slightly above-average man the most vots he gets is 4 and 5... and consider grateful for that. I see normal girls (nothing special) getting 7s and 8s the most votes, wtf? Are most GAG girls lesbian or what?

Another thing that annoys me is when there's (in my opinion) a fairly and outstanding good-looking guy he barely gets a compliment (no more than one or two words: pretty or you look good. And that's all?) On the other hand if there's a beautiful girl she gets a lot of more responds and compliments (with paragraphs included). Wtf? You pay more attention to other girls than guys or what?


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  • can't say for sure but I don't feel the need to compliment people unless I really really like something about them
    I did realise that women tend to be harsh on other pretty women (or prettier than themselves) and be nice (out of pity?) to ugly women


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  • Opinion. Subjective.

  • I rate them equally, honest opinions.


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