Girls, on a scale from "huminah huminah" to "eww," how do you think I look?

Girls, on a scale from Probably not gonna hurt my feeling, just curious.

  • 5. Huminah huminah
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  • 4. Hot
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  • 3. Cute
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  • 2. Whatever
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  • 1. Eww
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What Girls Said 3

  • I want to do something with your hair.
    & Trim the beard, make it stubble or clean shaved.
    Switch out the shirt to a T-shirt, black or a semi-bright color (not neon).

    But.. The look on your face, almost looks like amusement or the beginning of a smirk. That, I like.

  • I do like the huminah huminah! Its fun to say out loud. kind of cracks me up even.

    You look good-but what do the reverse letters say?

  • I don't know what the fuck huminah is.

    • It's old slang that describes attractiveness. Basically when someone is so attractive you can't talk you would mumble "huminah huminah"

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