What would best describe the size of this male model's nose?

what would best describe the size of this male model's nose?

also tell me the name of the shape if u can

My nose is IDENTICAL to his

  • very wide very long
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  • Slightly wide slightly long
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  • Neither wide nor long
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  • Not wide but long
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  • Not long but wide
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why isn't @melcart23 an asshole when he is 6'5'', jacked and can get any girl he wants, why does he choose to be a nice guy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's a normal nose? For a nose it's nice but it's still just a nose

    • yeah its a nice nose, lol funny thing is he has one nostril slightly bigger than the other as most evident in the first pic and i have that thing in exactly the other side :-D

Most Helpful Guy

  • average? ordinary? weirdest question ever?

    • then matt bomer has a short nose?

    • how the hell should I know? I don't spend my time analyzing mat bomer's nose.

    • just wondering? i know ideally the nose is 0.26 times ur face width, his is about 0.29 times while matt bomer is 0.25 times

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What Girls Said 4

  • It's normal lol

    • i just got told its normal sized too but its a wee bit on the thinner side at the upper bridge when i was on omegle and asked a random girl a question lol, i look nowhere near as good as marcello of course (true 9/10, hottest dude i ever seen) but my nose is identical to his

    • apparently its an aristocratic nose :-D

  • I don't even notice his nose I was too busy admiring how hot he is

    • would it affect your feelings towards him if he was 5'7''? how much does height matter

    • he is 5'7'' for real by the way

  • it looks absolutely normal and honeslty who even bothers about the nose with a face like that?

  • Perfect!


What Guys Said 1

  • not wide, length is medium