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Honestly, I wouldn't mind being ugly if I was somewhat smart. I feel as if I was cursed, because I have a brain the size of a peanut, I am overweight and I'm ugly. There is literally nothing good about me, and I know I'm not the only one that thinks this. People can't even compliment me on anything. I've been spending my time studying real hard for the past month, I went from 64% in pre-calc to 94% and 66% in biology to 100%. The sad part is that I don't have much of a social life anymore, but that's fine. I plan on becoming a doctor or lawyer, publish my own book and hopefullu become successful. As for my looks, I want to go from 160 lbs to 120 lbs, get a boob job, get my teeth bonded and possibly a nose job. I want to be out of everybody's league by the time I'm 25 and make everyone regret for treating me like shit. I don't know if it's possible to go from a troll to a supermodel, but I would love to see everyones transformation. I just want to feel that there is the possibility I could grow up to be beautiful.


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  • I think it's excellent that you're focusing on your studies but there's so much insecurity here that it's overwhelming.

    Beautiful girls are a dime a dozen in some of the more fashionable and urban places in the world. Finding ones worth a damn is a considerably rarer thing, and the ones who are worth a damn don't play the league game. They don't sum people up in terms of a simple numerical value. If you want to be a keeper and not just a sexy pair of legs, first thing to do is to try to rise above all that.

    It's great if you want to improve your appearance but things like breast augmentations push you towards the shallower end of beauty. They'll make your breasts fill up a dress and draw some eyes that way in a purely sexual kind of way, but no man I've ever known who has been with a girl who has augmented breasts prefers that for a girlfriend (yes, pornstars may have them but that's pure visual stimuli, few guys would ever want a pornstar for a girlfriend).

    Right now if you want to develop sexual appeal, it'd be good to fall in love with a physical activity to balance your studies. It's easier if you love doing the activity (ex: a sport) or are somewhat forced into doing it (ex: an aerobics class or kickboxing class you have to attend regularly).

    Even for an intellectual, if you lack physical health, your studies will tend to exhaust you more, you'll more easily get overwhelmed by everything, and your stress levels can rise unbearably. The key to mental health is to balance it with physical health.

    And the best time to start getting fit is now, not save it up all for the future with surgery. It's easier to make bolder transformations physique-wise when younger, harder when older.

    Last but not least, if you end up becoming too antisocial, you'll end up feeling like a complete outsider to society. That'll make you look at it more in an oversimplified black and white fashion, it'll feed your insecurities, bring your confidence down to zero, and make it increasingly harder to join in and immerse yourself in the social side of the world.

    And lacking that ability is detrimental even from a career standpoint, because jobs aren't handed out based on an exam. Promotions aren't handed out based on some test. They're handed out by people who consider you a valuable addition to a workplace, and struggling to get along with anybody can really deprive you of opportunities there.

    So for now, I recommend trying to socialize a bit more and work out.

    • Studying has led to me lose quite a bit of weight, because food is never on my mind anymore. I find that I constantly have to remind myself to eat or else I wouldn't eat. I know it's unhealthy, but I'm trying my best to fix that. I do enjoy jogging, and sometimes go out to jog 5 miles, but it's been raining heavily lately, so I haven't been out much. I am trying to start following some workout videos. As for my social life, I have attempted to make plans with my friends, but my parents think everybody is a bad influence, so I'm always stuck at home. For example, I was supposed to go to a birthday party today, but they said no. I was also going to go down to my friends lake house for a week, but they said no- which I understand. I do try to have a social life, but my parents would much rather have me stay at home all day.

    • Having some overprotective parents can tend to isolate you from society. There's a huge generational gap there where they might not understand the social dynamics and pressure a teenager goes through these days. In that case you might be able to talk to your family easier but find yourself completely secluded from people your own age.

      I wish I could talk to your parents a bit. It's good to protect you from the more negative side of socializing and partying at your age: drugs, sex, alcohol. But too much and it can turn you into a complete loner who can't connect with people and society. It cultivates that "ugly duckling" image your head because you can't get over it if you can't have people who appreciate and enjoy your company.

      You might try to have a talk with them about how this is really making it difficult for you to connect with anyone your age, and how you feel like a "troll". You might say that you're very lonely for some friends your age, and maybe they'll understand.

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  • have you thought about seeing someone for your depression and anxiety? My daughter would come out say exactly the same stuff.. she is in therapy and having a more optimistic outlook in life..
    You have these goals you have set for 25... you want all these things, not typing you won't get them all but to me your putting so much pressure on yourself that's not healthy...
    First priority is getting you back to a neutral to happy state before everything else... plastic surgery won't fix your depression to be perfect if anything it will aggravate it.
    Some talkin therapy will do you good... my daughter stopped gorging on food for comfort and has went down 2 dress sizes and she is ecstatic... just a thought for u.. as for bonding.. forget the falsies if you need braces get them instead...

    • I'm not allowed to see therapist and I've tried to do something about my anxiety. I drove myself to see my family doctor and had him prescribe some anxiety meds. However, I had no money, so I needes my parents to help me pay for it, and they ripped my perscription and told me I didn't need it. I'm not too upset, because I don't need it. I'm not depressed anymore, because I spend the majority of my time studying, I'm too busy trying to get good grades to be upset about my life. Also, I actually have goals in life, so I think I'm all good now.

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  • Your high grades means you have a good brain and hard worker.
    For how you look I don't think you are ugly. No one is ugly. Some have better looks but that is God's creation. Maybe you have nice eyes or hair. Maybe a cute smile. Who you are in life is what matters. Never let small minded people tell you that you can't do something. Prove them wrong!
    Be the best version of yourself. Exercise and eat healthier. Wear flattering cloths.

    • I'm working real hard to be a better version of myself! I disagree with the part abouth nobody being ugly. In a perfect world, everybody is beautiful. However, we don't live in a perfect world. Not everybody is genetically blessed, and that's a fact.

    • When you see someone who is stunning. After a week of knowing them you'll start to see more of their personality rather how they look on the outside. I saw many "ugly" people having the most beautiful life and loving partners.
      You already seem like a smart girl. You'll make it in life😊

  • Talk to your parents and ask them to send you to a therapist.

    • I'm not allowed a therapist, trust me, I've tried asking at one point. My parents think I'm just over reacting to everything, and that eventually I'l get over it myself. At this point, I don't feel like I need a therapist anymore. I now have goals in life, giving me a sense of purpose, and I'm working hard to achieve them.

    • Then you need to talk to someone at school.