What would you rate me?

What would you rate me?


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  • It's a very dramatic look, but you have some pretty features.

    I think for the second picture in particular, that shirt really isn't flattering for your figure. It has a cool logo and everything but so much of the idea of beauty still resides around accentuating the nude figure.

    If you picked a shirt that hugged more tightly around your waist, I think it would help a lot to boost your sex appeal.

    • Yea it's not really. But I do not really have a figure, I kind of have a boyish shape.
      So I try to hide my body most of the time.
      Thank you for answer this tho and you make good point

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    • Hope you don't mind but I stalked your page a little bit to try to figure out what you were talking about in terms of "boyish" figure.

      I'd say you're currently a bit delusional. It's understandable since, especially in high school, you might think the ultimate in "femininity" is a woman with boobs and butt so big that she walks like a turkey, while "masculine" is a guy who looks like a bodybuilder with biceps bigger than your head.

      If you look at the number of guys who like girls like Taylor Swift or Avril Lavigne, there's a huge number (as well as girls who find these women pretty). They're far from "boyish" women.

      So I think you should try to embrace your figure, complement it, show it off with clothing that contours your body a bit more accurately. Hope you don't mind my repetitiveness -- but I think that's how you can really shine.

    • Same with posture. Second one comes off as a little bit mopey, like you at least used to be a very shy person. Don't be afraid to open up your posture, stand straight, arch your back, twist the torso. It can do wonders to how people perceive you and respond to you.

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  • you look cool man

  • Maybe 7

    • by the way I also have a pic that I want a rating on.. rate it for me too?

  • Pretty, just don't make your brows too dark, I used to make this mistake too Hahaha. Also try only lining your top eyelid, maybe just a cat eye

    • Also dope shirt! I saw them live in 2007 and it was such a good concert!!! Its a shame they have to replace Brian :(

    • Well don't my eyebrows have to be dark to match my hair?
      I'm going for the panda look lol. Thanks tho
      And yes very old band

    • Good band* stupid phone

  • Awesome <3