How many of you think a small flat nose suits an Asian girl's face more?

Who among these Chinese girls looks prettier? The flat-nosed or the sharp-nosed?

How many of you think a small flat nose suits an Asian girl's face more?


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  • Not exactly two prime specimens to choose from, though generally society prefers the aesthetic of a more delicate nose tilted slightly upwards, like the one on the left.

    For example, probably more guys would go for this type of nose:

    ... than this one:

    Though it's hard to boil down beauty to a single facial feature. It's usually how it works overall with the face, but probably the most popular aesthetic for fashion is going to be a straighter nose on a woman with a more delicate shape, free of bumps, and turned upwards instead of flattened and downwards.

    • For example this type of nose is often considered almost universally quite elegant and beautiful, probably because it's quite canonical by Western standards, and Western ideas of beauty have spread throughout the world:

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    • Hard to say because I find girls with all kinds of noses pretty. But at least what's popular in terms of media and fashion tends to follow kind of the canon of classic female portraiture -- which tends to be more upturned and sharp, straight, delicate.

    • If I use a Japanese example with Koyuki, she has a nose that's turned downwards and quite different from the most popular kind of aesthetic, but I think she's incredibly pretty. It suits her face IMO:

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