Girls, Would you date a guy with a tiny penis?

Imagine a guy had a tiny dong, like 3 inches.

Imagine a guy had everything your looking for, goodlooking, trustworthy etc... except he had this bad problem.
I can understand why people would leave, and stay

Dont worry i personally am a good average size :D, im just curious how many women on this site are open minded. And im on this site to learn how women think in general.
I understand, we get a lot of dick questions on here.

  • I would leave
    21% (4)
  • Nah, i would stay with him
    79% (15)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No sorry he needs to be bigger than that

    • im so glad i dont have this problem :D, please put your answer in the poll

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    • Sorry I picked the second one by accident. It had nah in front of it. I didn't read the rest lol.

    • my fault for writing it like that tbh :D

What Girls Said 4

  • 3 inches? tehe that's so cute.
    i genuinely mean it when i say that penis size makes no difference to me when choosing who i wanna b with. there are PLENTY of ways to get intimate and i sure as hell believe ill know how to give him a good time and vice versa. not the end of the world.

  • THREE? I wouldn't stay with something any under 6! I'm sorry for the brutal honesty, but I know my body, I've tried different sized dildos, and I know which one made me feel good.

  • 😨 I dont know

  • M a virgin hav eno idea what diff will it make but ya i would like him to be bigger i guess