Why am I the world's most different Korean American man? Are you different from most people of your own ethnicity?

Why is it that compared to other Korean American men, I'm the most different of them all?

1. Most Korean American men have short hair, I grow my hair longer and I want it down to my waist.

2. Most Korean American men like pop, hip hop, or pop rock. I love heavy metal and industrial, since I love my music aggressive and technical.

3. Most Korean American men are happy and jolly. I'm the quiet and antisocial type.

4. Most Korean American men are conformist model minorities. Not me, I'm a rebellious metalhead and a goth. I commonly wear band shirts, denim vests, trenchcoats, spikes, and chain accessories.

5. Most Korean American men prefer Asian women. Not me, I only like white women, more than my own race. Most likely due to growing up in an all white suburb.

6. Most Korean American men are Christians. Not me, I'm an atheist and use Satan's name as a way of fighting against organized religion.

7. Most Korean American men hang out with mainly East Asians. I don't have any Korean friends. I have white friends, Latino friends, black friends, South Asian friends, but no friends of my own race.

8. Most Korean Americans like watching happy things. Not me, I love horror films and slashers!

9. Most Korean Americans like Korean food. I hate that stuff, I'll stick to hamburgers, pizza, and other fast food.

10. Most Korean Americans are short, I'm 6'2" and tower over all of them.

And are you different from most people of your own ethnicity?


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  • I'm technically labeled as white though I'm a mixture of Cherokee Indian, Scottish, British, French and probably others I can't remember. Though I don't necessarily have problems with my looks, I'm mostly ostracized due to my personality. (Though people don't like my hip length curly brown hair or my lip and industrial piercings.) they think I should be sooooo freaking girly and have a higher pitched voice, not the naturally deeper and huskier one I have. They think that I should like peppy things and shoes when I'd rather laze around in jeans/sweats and a leather jacket or t-shirt. I get a lot of hate cause I cuss a lot and am sarcastic or that I'm introverted and like dark and creepy things. They also think I'm weird for personally thinking Asians are attractive more than white people (though I do like white and anyone else as long as I get along with their personality) society just pisses me off anymore. Haha sorry for ranting in your question's opinion box. Ya sound awesome okay? F*ck society and just have fun being yourself :)

    • Yeah, I've had a few people make racist remarks to me, since I'm the only Asian face in the metal crowd. There's assholes everywhere.

    • Hmmmm. Maybe not the only one~ though it is rare for any race to actually have people think facial piercings are tasteful. I wish people weren't so judgy and appreciated beauty, despite how people decide to express it.

    • Yeah, apart from my Asian face, I pretty much am a metalhead and a goth, since I dress in black leather a lot and have longer hair than most men, occasionally dying it silver.

      And even when I wear blue-green eye contacts, people can still tell that I'm clearly not Caucasian.

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  • Most Korean American men are not self-obsessed faggots..
    Wow you really are the world's most different Korean American man.

    • Don't call me a faggot, I am a rocker! I am a man of heavy metal.

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  • Being different is awesome, especially when you are breaking stereotypes and exploring new people, cultures and things. All the Korean guys I knew in my east cost college were tall, athletic, with long hair or fresh fades and were always dating white girls... oh and mostly crazy attractive, but standoffish and not very social with anyone except teammates. You may not be as different as you think.

    • Really? Were these Korean guys into metal, goth culture, and Satan?

  • I'm a black Caribbean girl. (Afro-Caribbean)
    Apparently according to a lot of people I 'act white'. :/

    • You can't change how you naturally behave and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being different from everyone else. I know it's cliche, but if you can just accept yourself, then you will:
      1. Never be "fake"/ have to act differently around other people. Nobody is as good as being you than yourself :)
      2. You will find friends who like you for exactly who you are.
      3. In my opinion, life is far too short to care what people think about something you can't change. Don't let them have that much power over you.
      Lastly, a self-confident person is much more attractive than someone who's not. I completely know what it's like when you don't fit in perfectly, but if you can just be yourself and be happy, who cares? 😊 Anyways, I've found that people who mock others for stupid things like that are ridiculously insecure. Good luck to you :) Don't worry about silly things like that :)

    • @Swim_Isaac Thank you! :)

    • With me, I'd say I act a mixture of white or Latino, despite being Korean American.

  • Yeah l'm different


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  • I believe everyone is themselves, I try not to think about stereotypes. I am who I am.

    • And that's why I am the only Asian face in the metal crowd.

  • People should stop generalizing
    You are part of the culture that raised you

    I would act Japanese if i were raised in Japan

    • Well, I was raised by Korean immigrants. But I chose the rebel lifestyle for myself.

  • how many times are you gonna ask this?

    • Until I get more opinions. Not a lot of people respond.

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