How honest are you in the "How Do I Look?" category?

I tend to only comment on the good things because I want to be nice as possible, but feel I should probably still look for a down or two to point out? I don't know... What do you think would be best?
Also, being as honest as possible, what do the ladies reading this think about me? (Pic in my avi and profile)

  • Brutally honest!
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  • Try to find both ups and downs.
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  • Only compliment to be polite...
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  • i find the good and the bad. someone might not look all the grreat right off the bat, but after finding a good trait its easy to give them a compliment and make theme feel better. but also... people who are put down all the time, carry themselves differently. so hearing good things might help how they carry themselves and it'll make them look different.

    • And the description of this post? Did you read that?

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    • Well it says a lot about u that u don't let ur problems show... that's definitely a strong personality trait...

    • I'm having incredibly stresses in my life, mostly due to having epilepsy, but I can still smile. I don't want to frown all the time and spread the mood around.

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  • Im honest.. not brutally honest because you dont have to be brutal to be honest. Just being honest


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  • I am a mix of B and C - If I criticise I try to do constructively

  • 100% honest unlike so many guy on here who rate clearly average girls an 8 or 9.

  • I saw a lot of questions in the how do i look category and i often see people calling very goodlooking guys average. I even done a test and posted a pic of a model who has tonnes of girls adoring him and most girl commented saying he was average looking. I don't know maybe girlsaskguys just has a different view on people than most people do.