Girls, For you think this skinny/lean body type is attractive?

DO you find this skinny, lean body type attractive, or would you say guys who look like this need to build up more/or stay the same. Ignore his face, focus on the body.

Also, assume this guy is very tall (over 6ft)
Girls, For you think this skinny/lean body type is attractive??Got the pik from here
://s-media-cache-ak0. pinimg. com/564x/72/21/63/722163e08a407df5bdeb220d8c70516e. jpg

Thank you for all your opinions.

  • sexy
    60% (15)
  • very good
    16% (4)
  • good
    12% (3)
  • okay/alright
    12% (3)
  • not good
    0% (0)
  • very bad
    0% (0)
  • ugly
    0% (0)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • His body type would actually be my ideal. I prefer it when a guy is tall and lanky/skinny. His amount of muscle is perfect and I wouldn't mind it even if he lost the muscle. I don't really like the look of body builders because their amount of muscles would sorta scare me. He is very beautiful but then again as long as the guy had an awesome personality, I couldn't care how he looked :)

    • good! Thanks for your opinion. Would a skinny/lanky guy still make you feel safe when your around him, or would you feel the same? If u get what i mean :)

    • No problem~ and yeah. I'd feel safer around a lanky/skinny guy not only because I was comfortable around him, but because he Wouldn't seem as Acerbic. Even though I myself am a girl with a dark humor and sarcastic wit, I would still prefer the lanky guy as long as he was more dominant than me and willing to be as protective as I am (I admittedly am very protective and motherly even though I'm 16 -_-)

What Girls Said 3

  • i think you look in good shape! i personally like guys to be a little thicker, but plenty of women like leaner men

  • I honestly wouldn't change a thing about his body. He's one sexy motherfucker.

    • im so glad you said that.

  • I don't care really, he's hot tho

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