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  • Body shaming will never stop. It's part of life. I feel bad for her and everyone else who went through this. I got made fun and I'm sure majority of others in their teens went through it. Do your best to not let it bother you by finding out what makes you feel most beautiful. Work on making yourself feel happy with your look instead of trying to impress others.


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  • Yeah a tough video to watch, it is a hard topic especially for young girls - Honestly I like her face better before the make up, I don't know why it just didn't seem that bad to me and I am not really a fan of make up - Maybe as she gets older she will get used to using light make up enough to give her a good balance

    • You do realise, her face at beginning was done with makeup as well. When she takes off the makeup, you can't see the scars or acne

    • That is weird I never noticed that at the end - I was just thinking about face at start and full make up face - Little confession I started writing my opinion about halfway in so I wasn't paying full attention

  • Am I the only one who felt she looked ugly both before and after makeup?


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